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Case Study

Spirits With Smoke

Spirits with Smoke is an eCommerce retailer which sells unique cocktail products across North America. They approached our team to help with their slow website speeds as they were heading into the Christmas season.

Smoked cocktail from website speed project with Spirits with Smoke

When Speed

Makes All The Difference

Most retailers have specific sales seasons which make up the majority of their yearly revenue. For Spirits with Smoke, the Christmas season is everything - accounting for more than half their yearly sales. When we first met in the fall, their website had taken them through their first few years of business, but some pages were taking over 5 seconds to load. They asked us if we could speed up their website before their biggest revenue season hit.

User Experience


Performance Tuning

Taking A

Load Off

Owners Antonio and Meredith knew their slow load times were impacting their search rankings and online sales. No one wants to wait 5+ seconds to view a product.

We dove in and took a look at improvements to the server, the CMS (WordPress) and overall file compression.

After running through a number of key changes, we took their 5 second load time down to 1 second, without needing to rebuild the website.

Do your customers like to wait? Even a 1 second delay can reduce page views by 11%

Page speed stats for website load time

Ranking On

Google Search

It’s no secret that Google likes to see faster load times. By conducting a comparison against the previous year, the speed improvements we made resulted in: 

  • 82% more search terms that Spirits with Smoke referenced for
  • 40% average increase in search positions
  • 487% more clicks on the website from organic search

Google can be pretty biased in dolling out their favour, but at least you know how to get on their good side.

eCommerce shop page

Show Me The


So did Antonio and Meredith get their best Christmas ever? Yes.

That Christmas orders rose by over 67%, and revenue climbed over 60%  from the previous year. Return on investment for the cost of speeding up the website was 20x after only two months (and is still climbing).

Upon seeing the success of this work and the growth of their business, Antonio and Meredith are planning for a full website redesign to see what further improvements can accomplish.

eCommerce is one of the easiest places to see the impact of website changes. But same gains still happen with other business models…

Package delivered from eCommerce sale

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