AWIRE Technology Corp.

Case Study

AWIRE is a new tech company which has developed a device that links cell phone technology with two-way radio capability to create a communication platform that can be used in remote locations.

While working with Steve (Founder) were able to join his project at an early stage, shaping the direction of his product marketing efforts. Along with the AWIRE website and SEO we designed the product packaging, and app interface for the AWIRE device.

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Selling an experience

Product packaging requires a unique combination of material selection, print process and graphic design. Our goal with the AWIRE packaging was to provide the user not just with a product, but with an experience. Similar to opening a new Apple iPhone, or walking into a Tesla store, we’re interested in impressions that reinforce performance.

We can work alongside any packaging manufacturer you choose, creating dynamic, unique designs that take advantage of your manufacturers’ processes. If you’d like help with your own packaging needs, we’d love to connect.

Interaction design

It’s difficult to know how an app will be used until your holding it in your hands. That’s why we offer either paper prototypes or interactive-digital prototypes of your app to let you test functionality before worrying about design and development. Through our work with Steve we were able to identify new functionality and key shortcuts through the planning and UI design of his app.

Through flow design, prototyping and pixel-perfect mockups you’ll know exactly how your app will function and feel before handing it off to development. To start the conversation regarding your app send us an email describing your need.

Second Screen Experience

Whether you’re building a website to support your mobile experience, or need a solution that spans all devices, our web development services cover them all. As we built a website to support the AWIRE app and device, we knew most users will be hitting the mobile site first. Our answer to this requirement? That’s how we build websites every time.

Since April 2015 Google has been penalizing websites that don’t display well on smartphones. We take that a step further and guarantee our sites will display well on all major browsers, iDevices and Android phones. If you’d like to convert your site for mobile use, give us a shout.