Play It Interactive

Case Study

Play It builds interactive sports commentary for mobile phone users throughout India.

Cory (Co-Founder, President) presented us with the challenge of creating a marketing platform representing an Indian clientele, while targeting American investors. To meet this request we strategically divided our different marketing avenues among these two profiles, while building a brand that could resonate with all audiences.

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International recognition

Due to the 20+ languages spoken in India, we needed to build app icons that translated and connected with all language groups, as well as investors. A huge part of this was market testing, and developing the visual branding while it interacted with its audience. Not all brands can be created in a day – especially when working with a team spread across 5 different countries and time zones.

We often work with teams in different time zones and geographic locations. While this may be an obstacle for some companies, we’ve gotten quite good at it. If you need design and marketing that supports offices spread over the globe, we’d love to chat.

Connecting Agencies

While we don’t develop apps ourselves, we’ve worked on a number of app designs as well as User Interface designs (UI) for these apps. While working with Play It we worked alongside their project coordinators, technology officers and Indian development team to prototype and design three different sports apps (ICC Cricket World Cup, World Cup Fantasy Football and Supr6 Sports Commentary).

Our app design services include organization structure / flow design, wire framing / prototyping, and full mockups. If you have an app idea, but need help with the UI and design, let us know.

Connecting With Users

Creating an effective social media strategy is crucial for any brand hoping to engage customers online. While working with Play It we helped create consistent, targeted social media ads, tied in with their ad campaigns and sporting matches at that time.

Building relevancy within your client circles takes time, planning and the ability to respond to the market. If you’d like help building an effective social media strategy, send us an email.

Know Your Audience

While most of the Play It user base experiences their apps before ever seeing their website, investors in this venture see the website long before downloading the apps. To answer this observation we created messaging and visuals that connected the investor with an understanding of the audience, enriching the offering and bridging the gap between the product and the opportunity.

Sometimes your product’s target market isn’t the same as that of your website. We can help you identify these differences and develop solutions that maximize your business as a whole.