Rubix Lending Company

Case Study

Rubix is an alternative finance company offering lending through factoring, financing and bridge loans.

We worked with Paul's (CEO) team throughout this project to update the brand and boost the online presence to match where the company is going, rather than where it was 10 years ago. Our focus in this project was to build a brand that clients and investors could trust, showing both stability and growth.

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Rebranding for the future

A logo needs to reflect not only who the company is, but also where it’s headed. We worked with Paul and his team to identify how the last ten years as a company interact with the next ten years in planning. Our goal in recreating this brand was to represent institutional stability while still showing the agile nature of their company structure.

Effective brands represent the story of the company – their values, their strategic advantage, their target market and their future. We’d love to help you paint that story for your company too.

Extending your brand

Building a brand never stops at just the logo design. We work with companies to extend their branding to letterhead, envelopes, email signatures, pitch decks and infographics. The brand guide and assets we built for Rubix set up standards and templates for use in their external and internal brand presence.

Many clients restart their marketing efforts with their new branding – our ongoing design services provide support through your social media strategy, pitch documents, policy manuals and ad campaigns. If you need to extend your brand into your internal and external documents, we’d love to help.

Easy to find & easy to use

No investor is willing to back a venture without researching the company they’re investing in. One of our first tasks in creating the Rubix website was to engineer the content for both messaging and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In order to accomplish these tasks we worked alongside Paul’s team to research and identify how investors use the site, what information they’re looking for and the competitive advantage that Rubix offers.

Effective SEO builds on both the content and the code of a website. We’ll help design a message and flow into your website that improves your rankings and your customer acquisition.