Case Study

UrbanMeasure is a real estate measurement and media creation agency serving realtors and property developers in Alberta and British Columbia.

We worked with Jordan Fowler (CEO, Founder) and his team to create a sales-oriented website which demonstrates the level of quality which Urban Measure offers their customers. In our discussions it was important that this solution save time for their sales and project management teams by automating as much of the booking process as possible.

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Automated Booking

UrbanMeasure receives a large portion of their daily bookings online; as such they needed to ensure that this process saved as much time for their team as possible.

When a booking is submitted the form automatically:

  • Creates an event in their Google Calendar
  • Sends confirmation emails to both the user and the UrbanMeasure projects team
  • Saves user form fields in their browser for future bookings
  • Adds the user information to UrbanMeasure’s Client Relation Manager (CRM)
  • (And if the user subscribes) adds the user to their email marketing list

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Different Data for Different Locations

UrbanMeasure has different services available in each of their four service areas across Alberta and BC. In order to communicate these services seamlessly, the site uses a built in index of IP locations to match a user with their general location. The site then loads the appropriate information for that area and offers a drop down in the navigation so the user can change their area if they wish.

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Making an Impression

Your customers recognize when they see quality and make their purchase decisions according to this value. Not only can we help remove bottlenecks in your sales pipeline, we can help you increase the flow and conversion rates through your online channels.

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