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Crafting A

New Brand

Building a strong brand is the single most important marketing activity your business can enter into. It establishes a strategy for how you look to clients, how you speak to clients, and how you treat your clients.

Craft Hero Branding

People Should Recognize

What a Great Business You Have

3 Key Areas

In Your Brand Strategy

Every time we discuss brand strategy we break it into three key areas – your Visual Brand, your Brand Message, and your Brand Experience.

While your Brand Experience is typically developed internally, our team can guide you through the steps to develop a strong Visual Brand and Brand Message.

3 key areas of a business' brand - the visual brand, the brand message, and the brand experience

The Visual Brand

Designing Your New Look

Your visual brand determines how you’ll look everywhere you show up. We’ll discuss:

  1. The essentials – Your logo, fonts and colours
  2. How to equip your team – Brand manual, templates and tools
  3. Your brand assets – Website, brochure, business cards, trade show banners, etc.

Alongside designing these elements, our team will help you identify what you’re communicating with these visuals. If you’re rolling out the new brand over multiple months or locations we can also help you craft a brand transition strategy.

  • Learning Network Educational Services Branding
  • Calgary Regional Consortium Branding
  • Helping Families Handle Cancer Branding
  • Easy eLaw Branding
  • Craft Hero Branding
  • Calgary Translation Services Branding
  • Canadian Plans Branding
  • Jody Castle Branding
  • Camp Evergreen Branding

The Brand Message

Crafting Your Communications

Without changing the message, you won’t change how users respond to it.

When your client rolls out of bed each morning, they are the hero of their story (not you). We’ll help you craft a brand message which puts them at the center and builds emotional connection with their hopes, dreams, fears, and concerns. Gone are the days of “We’re great, therefore hire us”. Your brand message will put your customer at the center of the narrative – and they’ll thank you for it.

True Market increased our confidence in meeting with government officials and high-level executives thanks to the quality of the tools they provided. They brought us to the next level.

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