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With over 40 years in the home building industry, Avalon builds Net Zero townhomes at the forefront of sustainability and affordability. They approached our team to create clarity in their brand message, and bring a bold new esthetic to their website.

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Key Services

Brand Development

User Experience

Website Design

How Your User


Our strategy is always the same – if your site structure mirrors how your users make decisions, you’ll increase how many users respond to it. This was the foundation of Avalon’s brand message and site structure. We explored user barriers, delights, decision making and emotional connection with the Avalon team. Then we crafted our work around that.

Don’t try to fit your customer into your product. Fit your product to your customer.

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Form and


We build custom WordPress sites. And when we say custom, we mean every aspect – the design, the integrations, and even how the backend works. Within the Avalon site we found that a Promotion can apply to certain Homes and Communities, one Floorplan can show up in multiple Communities, and Communities will change from “Coming Soon” to “Pre-Purchase” to “Quick Possessions” to “Past Projects”.

We created a backend system that accommodated the many areas information could show up, while ensuring the Avalon team only needed to enter it once.

Would you rather save on your website cost, or save your team time for years to come?


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Businesses are great at selling solutions to external problems (eg. “a 1500sqft home”), but customers buy solutions to internal problems (eg. “I want to fall in love with my home”). As we built the new website with the Avalon team, we were very intentional about building emotional connections along the way.

We describe the community you’ll live in, we show interior photos rather than just floorplans, and we work hard to paint a picture of what life will feel like in your new townhome. Every product can carry emotional connection. It’s just a matter of identifying what you’re actually selling.

What product are you selling? Relief? Reputation? Inspiration? Confidence?

Avalon Homes - Emotional Connection

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