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Working with

Costen Insurance

Costen Insurance is a family owned insurance company helping individuals and businesses find a ‘less stale’ insurance brokerage. They approached us to create a website which would increase their marketing ROI, while still delivering an easy-going, approachable brand.

Costen Insurance - Desktop website view
Costen Insurance - Mobile website view

Key Services

Lead Generation

User Experience

Brand Development

Small Gains Make A

Big Difference

With 30,000 users hitting Costen’s website each year, a 1% bump to lead conversion can equate to 300 more leads every year. Following the website redesign we saw conversion rates grow by 3.75x for users coming in through paid display ad campaigns, and grow by 2x for users from search ad campaigns.

With overall website conversion rates now above 10%, Costen Insurance has a better advertising ROI and can confidently grow its outreach.

When your website is turning interest into engagement, everything else becomes easier.

Costen Insurance - Desktop website view

How To Improve

Website Leads

If you’ve read articles on User Experience, you’ll know there are thousands of small decisions which add up to a better website. For Costen Insurance this meant improving:

  • Written content & user funnels
  • Design & visual experience
  • Functionality & Speed

Most companies help with design, some companies will help you with content, but we’re the only company in Canada who also makes every click lightning-fast. For Costen Insurance this meant a 10x faster load time.

We’re not saying speed is your only issue, but if you’re solving the rest, why not solve your speed?

After the website redesign Costen saw ten times faster page load speeds, three times more leads from paid ads, and a seventy-one percent drop in cost per conversion

It’s Actually About


Crista, Andrew and the Costen team care an awful lot about their clients. You know it the minute you chat with them – they want to do good by their clients. At the end of the day, we’re just here to help them communicate that. 

If we can bring a few more tricks to the table and their company grows because of it, then we’ve done a good job too.

Stats are great, but sometimes the best ROI is seeing how much your clients love it.

Costen Insurance - Desktop website view

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