Strike Group

Case Study

Strike Group is an energy infrastructure and construction company with over 23 locations across Western Canada. They approached us to create a website which builds confidence and trust with their diverse clientele.

Any website redesign has inherent risks. Without proper planning, it can be very easy to clutter, hide, and distract from the information that customers really need. Even a 1% decrease in leads or sales can affect hundreds of jobs. Our work with Strike Group was built on hours of exploration, understanding whom they serve, and building a website tailored to these individuals.

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Defining a Brand

When we speak about branding, we address three key areas -

  1. Your visual brand (logos, colours, etc.)
  2. Your brand message (how you communicate value)
  3. Your brand experience (the experience of working with you)

At the outset of our work, we spent time exploring and refining Strike Group’s brand message. Be it an employee, a client or a stakeholder, this website had to build trust and rapport in ways that connected emotionally with their core values and concerns.

Without changing the message, you won’t change how users respond to it.

Functional Design

Once you know whom you serve, designing for their needs becomes much easier. An example of this is the location map we built for Strike Group. Users can immediately see the geographic presence of Strike Group across Western Canada. Job seekers see opportunities close to home; Clients see a physical support network; Investors and Stakeholders see a diversified, growing asset. When locations are clicked, contact information is displayed. When a new shop or office is opened, Strike’s internal team can add it to the map themselves without the need of a developer.

Simple, but very effective.

Effective designs are built around your customer, not the designer.

All That Matters Is Performance

Setting aside processes, strategies, planning and expertise, if we can’t measure the impact of our work, we can’t improve our results. After launching Strike Group’s new website, we have the data to prove our results. Since launch:

Taking your business to the next level requires that you do things better than you’ve ever done them before. It requires a different approach and different ideas than what’s been done in the past.

Let’s explore how we can make a difference for you.