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Building a Custom

Web Platform

Businesses are continually improving their systems – better people management, data management, system automation, and new ways to serve clients. But pre-built solutions can’t cover every unique business.

Custom web development project feature of intricate dashboard view

What if Your Business

Had its Own Custom Platform?

Purpose Built

For Your Company

When it’s too big to call it a website, we call it a “web platform”. These custom sites help businesses build operational solutions using web technology. We’ve built:

  • Administration platform to manage access to client data across a network of service centres
  • Reporting & monitoring suite to manage grain drying cycles and red-flag critical issues
  • Multi-vendor eCommerce platform (think “Amazon” but for local products)
  • Event management combining 7 different training centers, schedules and group registrations
  • Learning Management System for certifying coaches within sport leagues

What areas can your business leverage the latest web technology?

A website's simple sitemap structure compared to a complex user flow for a web platform

Finding a Team

You Can Trust

We know what it’s like to outsource overseas – the never ending revisions, bugs, and delays. We learned from that lesson and the value of having a local team – people who care about quality and getting it right the first time.

Our team is 100% Canadian and always will be – built with Canadian quality and Canadian standards.

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Starting With


Design for your user needs. No matter what you’re trying to achieve, the best results (user adoption, system performance, ROI/outcomes) are achieved when the system is designed around the user.

Every web platform we build starts with a strategic phase to identify the users, how they engage, and the operational patterns they’re looking for. From this we build the wireframes and the “blueprint” of the platform.

The Best Solutions

Come From the Right Process

Implementation Plan

Design & Development Milestones

Launch & Support Cycle

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