The Catalyst Group

Case Study

The Catalyst Group is a Calgary accounting firm specializing in distinct verticals within southern Alberta. They came to us to showcase that expertise online…

The average website only goes so far as displaying a company’s services – we oriented The Catalyst Group website to explore how they stand out and why industry specialization can bring service to a new level.

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Creating Impact Externally & Internally

When measuring the success of a website, we often look at the impact it has externally. Does it build trust? Is it engaging? Does it generate leads? Catalyst’s website redesign not only had a profound external impact, but also an internal impact as well. After seeing the quality of their new website, the team was excited to show it off to prospects. It fostered a renewed sense of pride in the company and the quality of their services.

The impact of your website should be measured both outside and inside the walls of your office. We can help you craft a site that boosts your leads, the quality of job applicants and the pride your team has for the company brand.

Differentiating In Every Detail

In accounting you’re not just selecting a company – you’re choosing a trusted advisor. Within the Catalyst website we used this opportunity to highlight the unique expertise and specialities of every member of the Catalyst team. Not only does the company stand apart, its team is also showcased as a selection of the most qualified individuals for any unique, industry-specific need a client may have.

A team is only as strong as its members and a website only as strong as its parts. We create strategies to stand out with every page of your site – not just the pretty pictures.

Increase Leads & Close Sales

A lead-nurturing website is a critical business tool, especially for B2B service providers. Before committing to your company, users need to know that you’re reliable and see the experience you have. Catalyst’s website was designed with just this in mind. Rather than shoving a list of services down their throat, we focused on differentiation, experience and introducing a conversation. The result? Cold leads are now a lot warmer and relationships are a lot easier to build.

You depend on a lot of touch points to close sales and grow your business. We build websites that convert mildly interested users into highly interested buyers. Let’s chat about your site. Right Arrow Icon