Dash Mortgage

Case Study

Finance doesn’t need to be boring. That’s the message that Dash Mortgage challenged us to portray within their branding and website.

Rather than sticking to the “mortgage co. status quo” (boring, stale, and without soul) – Dash wanted to speak to millennial generations looking for something better. Nalie knew the millennial market was transitioning into the home-buying stage of life and needed a brand that resonated with their generation. Forward thinking entrepreneurs need a fresh approach.

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Branding for the Future

A logo needs to reflect not only who the company is, but also where its headed. With Dash’s millennial audience in mind, we designed branding options that set Dash apart from their competition and established them as a symbol of the lifestyle their customers want to lead.

Effective brands represent the dreams of their audience – their values, their vision and their future. We’d love to help you paint that story for your company too.

Extending Your Brand

Building a brand never stops at just the logo design. We work with companies to extend their branding to letterhead, business cards, email signatures, pitch decks and infographics. What’s more, the business cards and material we designed for Dash Mortgage are an introduction to their brand experience – fresh, custom, and of the highest quality.

Our design services stand out by visually-weaving your brand standard into every print and digital expression. If you really want to compete with top brands, you need to “wow” clients with every interaction.

A Site that Speaks to Your Audience

Through stunning visuals, simple structure and carefully-crafted content, Dash Mortgage’s website is able to tap into a completely different demographic than any previous brokerage. Millennials are wired for authentic, content-driven, honest experiences that cater to who they are. If you’re interested in attracting new markets, you’re going to need a different browsing experience.

People used to think sales were won by presenting as much information as possible. Today’s buyers demand less information, but in a more intuitive way. We craft these websites to speak directly to the unique needs of your target users – giving just what they need in just the right moment. Interested in applying this to your business?