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Case Study

Melanson Homes is a Calgary homebuilder and renovator with a wonderful commitment - Together We Build Better. Leslie-Ann came to us for a website and marketing strategy that showed that same level of care.

If you want to have impact, find your target audience and speak directly to their needs. For Melanson Homes, this meant focusing on young families and being a truly family-first builder. Their site was designed with this in mind – creating an experience as welcoming as the homes they build.

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Selling A Lifestyle

A website needs to do more than just show the product/service – it needs to sell the dream of your future lifestyle. For a homebuilder, this means understanding why a user is building/renovating their home, and presenting that lifestyle to the user within the context of a beautiful home.

We’ll help you explore the needs, emotions and desires of your target audience to create an experience that not only sells your service, but also the dream that comes with it.

Building Balanced Advertising

It’s critical to consider how both online and offline marketing can lead to greater brand exposure (and higher conversion rates). For Melanson Homes, this meant combining geo-targeted Search Engine Marketing (SEM), digital ads and SEO (for online exposure) with print campaigns and trade shows to increase touch points with their best audiences.

Let us help you build a more balanced approach to your advertising to reach both those who are searching online and those who aren’t (yet).

Easy to Find & Easy to Use

The family-first approach of Melanson Homes never would have worked if website had been impossible to find. This is exactly why so many companies are turning to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for their future marketing. In our work with Melanson Homes we optimized the website structure, content, code, directory listings, backlinks and created areas in the site for continual growth (blog, projects, gallery, etc.) to facilitate ongoing work and improvements to their search rankings.

There’s a lot that goes into an effective SEO strategy. The good news is we can educate you on all of it. No mysteries, or behind-the-curtain tricks – just well researched, experienced support.And it all starts with coffee. Right Arrow Icon