Case Study

Steve Holbrook is a motivational speaker and one of the top Recruiters in WFG. He came to us to help build his personal brand…

Businesses put a lot of strategy and time into maximizing the number of clients who say ‘yes’ right away, but what if you could continue to sell to the thousands of prospects who just said ‘maybe’? Steve saw this potential and what social media could do for his business. He hired us to build a strategy that could do just that.

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Branding A Personality

It’s one thing to brand a company – and another thing to build a brand around a dynamic, passionate leader like Steve. He asked us to create a brand which would match his high professional standard, but without losing his personality, drive and presence.

A great brand doesn’t blend in – it differentiates you from the crowd. So what do you need your brand to tell people?

Curating a Digital Library

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool but has one massive drawback – it has little to no memory of past content. Posts are swept away in the endless tide of new information. To answer this Steve knew he needed an online content library which stood out from the countless blogs out there. Take a look at what we came up with…

With any multi-platform content campaign it’s important to consider how you’re maximizing every possible benefit – growing followers, SEO rankings, digital resources and reusable media. Let us know if you’re looking to maximize your content strategy.

Increasing Exposure & Decreasing Workload

Within 6 months of working with Steve we’ve helped to double his Instagram following from 10,000 to 20,000 followers. At the same time his primary concern has been how to maximize exposure while minimizing how much he has to do himself. To answer this, we developed a system to convert every weekly video into (1) a text + video blog article, (2) a captioned YouTube video, (3) a podcast on 10 networks, and (4) a new Instagram TV post – all without adding a single minute to Steve’s schedule.

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